Medical Catheter
jMedCath, a subsidiary of jMedtech Group, has launched a new product -- ultra-thin-wall MatrixLiner® PTFE liner. By virtue of its ultra-thin wall thickness and high lubrication characteristics, the inner space of the tubing can be maximized and the transportation efficiency improved to achieve increased efficiency and reduced costs. The PTFE liners are etched using an exclusive etching technology to improve liner bonding with the main catheter body. Overall, the MatrixLiner® PTFE liners are designed and produced with a commitment to safety and stability, ensuring that they enhance the performance of medical devices.
Medical Coating
jMedtech Coating Technologies produces functional medical coatings such as the jAqua® PVP hydrophilic lubricious coatings, jHydro® specialized coatings for metals, Hygea® heparin anticoagulant coatings, jHemo PC® Phosphorylcholine antithrombogenic coatings, antimicrobial coatings, and dual/multi-function medical coatings. These medical grade coatings empower implantable medical devices and catheters with specific functions and improved biocompatibility.
Coating Equipment
jMedtech Equipment, a subsidiary of the jMedtech Group, is committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and testing equipment associated with medical coatings. The goal is to enhance the production and testing efficiency of coated medical instruments.