Automated High-Throughput Coating System
jMedtech's automated high-throughput coating system comprises numerous modular workstations, such as load modules, dip coating modules, UV curing modules, and more. Customers can choose modules based on their specific coating requirements. The modular design enhances convenience for customers, allowing them to select the necessary module assembly and reducing lead times.
Key Features
  • Hourly output of up to several thousand pieces
  • The solution tube and the tooling frame can work in both directions to facilitate highly efficient coating
  • Dymax UV lamp, each UV light intensity can be individually monitored
  • Four screen display, whereby all can be operated independently
  • Multiple safety protection features to prevent injuries
  • Fully automatic equipment, only one operator is required. Greatly improving productivity and saving labor costs
Video Introduction
Technical Parameters
Specifications Parameter
Voltage 380V
Maximum Power 10KW
Ambient temperature 15-40℃
Environment humidity 0-80% RH
Number of lamp slots 12(customizable)
Dimension L*W*H=7000*1450*2560mm
UV intensity >35mW/cm2
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Pulling speed 0~100mm/s
Rotating speed 1-20 Rpm
Maximum process paramet erstorage quantity 100
Solution tube material Medical HDPE
Throughput 600-1000pcs/hr
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Automated High-Throughput Coating System