Friction Testing Equipment
jMedtech's precision friction testing equipment is specifically engineered to measure with accuracy the lubricity and durability of coatings applied to catheters, guide wires, and various other medical devices.
Product Introduction

jMedtech friction testing equipment is a high-precision testing instrument. Its main function is to test the lubricity and firmness of various conduit guide wire surface coatings. This testing equipment is designed and manufactured with precision, and functions to visually measure the friction force and friction coefficient, thus providing effective data support and important reference for the quality control of customers' coated products.

Product Advantages
  • Using a ball screw driven by a high precision controller (closed loop) to control the product movement up and down and to test the surface friction during the movement, the equipment can accurately measure the tensile forces caused by friction on the sample.
  • Force range between 0 to 2000 gram.
  • The machine is controlled by a Windows PC and is easy to operate. The user enters the various process parameters, and controls the machine with a touch-screen LCD display.
  • Friction testing data curves are displayed in real-time, while the machine automatically generates test reports when the testing is completed.
Friction Tester Specifications
Equipment Model JMT-MCL8500
Supply Voltage AC220~230V; 50Hz; 10A
Maximum Power 2000W
Safe Current and Voltage 220V/8A
Device Size (host) L*W*H=1200*600*1950 (mm)
Measurable Length 0 ~ 520mm
Measurable outer Diameter of the Product 0.3 ~ 20mm
Test Pull Speed 0.1~50mm/s
Maximum Measurement Value of the Friction Force Sensor 2000g
Friction Sensor Accuracy 0.25%
Maximum clamping Force on the Product 2000g
Clamping Force Sensor Accuracy 0.5%
Water Bath Temperature Room Temp ~ 45℃

Customizable extended range of friction force equipment for long catheters