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Established in Singapore in 2013, jMedtech is at the forefront of providing comprehensive medical polymer solutions to global medical device manufacturers. With our headquarter and cutting-edge research and development center based in Singapore, we have established a robust presence in China, with production and marketing centers strategically located in Xiamen and Shanghai, China.

Our commitment to quality is evident through our 10,000-level clean workshop and ISO13485 system certification. We operate on diverse business platforms, specializing in functional coating materials, coating equipment, and high-performance medical catheter materials. Over the span of a decade, our dedicated efforts have focused on independent development, precise manufacturing, and the production of high-quality medical materials.

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Situated in the Singapore Medtech Hub, jMedtech’s Research and Development (R&D) center has been a hub for high-tech medical innovations since 2013. Collaborating with renowned universities in Singapore and the region, jMedtech has engaged in innovative partnerships, emphasizing continuous R&D efforts to bolster the expansion of its product portfolio.

Xiamen · Xiang'an

In the Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone (Xiang'an), jMedtech has established a China production center spanning 3,500 square meters. This facility serves as the focal point for the manufacturing, operations, and sales of medical coatings and coating-related equipment. From this strategic location, jMedtech rapidly captured the Chinese domestic medical coating market, solidifying its corporate brand.

Xiamen · Haicang

jMedtech has set up a dedicated R&D and production center for high-performance medical catheters in Haicang Biomedical Park, Xiamen. Encompassing over 4,500 square meters, this facility houses a specialized team attuned to the dynamics and technological trends of the medical device industry. Since the launch of extrusion-type PTFE lined catheter products in 2023, the company has gained widespread recognition in the market.


jMedtech has established a branch office in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, to provide more responsive services to customers nationwide in China. This branch offers a range of services for medical device clients, including coating sampling, product showcases, sales, technical support, and more. It aims to build deeper connections with customers in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Development History

In 2013, jMedtech Pte Ltd was established in Singapore by a group of Biomaterials and Polymer scientists to provide medical coating for interventional devices. At that time, the concerted effort by Singapore to propel medical technology and biomedical research has significantly contributed to the thriving MedTech sector. Amidst this environment of growth and innovation, jMedtech has successfully established itself as a prominent player, gaining recognition for its excellence in medical coating not only in Singapore but also on a global scale, particularly in the dynamic markets of Asia.

The supportive ecosystem fostered by Singapore's commitment to advancing healthcare technologies has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in jMedtech's success and reputation as a leader in the field of precise medical coatings. Today, jMedtech continues to develop new medical coatings, coating equipment, catheter components such as extruded PTFE liners and reinforced tubings, always challenging technological barriers and driving novel technologies in the sector.