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Our company aims to provide one-stop medical coating service solutions for global medical instrument manufacturers. For more than ten years, our company has consistently focused on the independent development, manufacturing and production of high-quality medical coatings. jMedtech's coating products have a wide clinical use base worldwide. The focus on R&D innovation, attention to detail and heartfelt service has earned us an esteemed reputation in the industry.

Company Profile

jMedtech Coating company was established in 2013, with corporate headquarters and R&D center located in Singapore. The enterprise aims to provide one-stop medical coating solutions for global medical instrument manufacturers. In 2014, we established our manufacturing and sales center in Xiamen, China, with a Class 10,000 cleanroom and ISO 13485 system certification. Our core business: coating product customization, ready-to-use coating reagents, coating auxiliary equipment, coating OEM services, and technical services.


Our coating products are sold all over the world

Since 2013, jMedtech has been specialized and focused on coating development and service. Our coating products have been widely used in medical institutions globally. We have served more than 500 medical instrument companies and groups, and our business covers Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions, as well as being a long-term partner to many listed medical companies.


Vascular catheters coated with jMedtech Coating





Development History

  • 2023

    Developed and introduced MatrixLiner PTFE Liner

  • 2022

    1.Established jMedtech Shanghai Branch

    2.Established jMedCath Medical Technology Co. Ltd.,with 4500 square meters facility

  • 2020

    1.New factory building was launched, with a total area of about 3000 square meters

    2.Introduced new hydrophilic lubricious coating for metal guide wire

    3.Heparin anti-coagulation coating patented

  • 2019

    1.Set up equipment team, independent research and development of coating equipment

    2.Develop and introduce hydrophilic anticoagulant dual-action coating

  • 2017

    Hydrophilic lubricious coating completed US FDA filing

  • 2016

    1.Developed and introduced choline phosphate anticoagulation coating

    2.Developed and introduced hydrophilic antimicrobial dual-action coating

  • 2015

    Established plant and clean room, completed ISO13485:2003 certification

  • 2014

    1.Established jMedtech Coating Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd.

    2.Signed strategic partnership with A*Star (Singapore)

    3.Established deep partnership with National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and other world class universities

    4.Independent R&D and hold the patent of hydrophilic coating

    5.Developed heparin anticoagulation coating to inhibit thrombosis

  • 2013

    Established JMedtech Singapore

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