jMedtech is a medical technology company headquartered in Singapore, providing a wide range of expertise to meet every individual customer and manufacturer’s specific needs. We are able to deliver a broad spectrum of best-in-class coatings such as hydrophilic coating, antimicrobial coating, and hemocompatible coating. With our in-depth of knowledge and high level of expertise in biomaterials, coating technologies and nanotechnologies, our medical coating is customizable to every specific application and requirement.

We have experienced engineers, material and polymer experts to provide a highly sophisticated solution to meet your every needs. jMedtech is also ISO 13485 certified and has Class 10K Cleanroom environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Based on customer’s requirement, we can provide technical support that is highly customizable to meet their expectations. We have global customers in US, Europe and Asia and a proven track record to provide a coating platform and setting up coating process to ensure manufacturing runs smoothly.