MatrixLiner® OTW PTFE Liner with Mandrel
The jMedCath mandrel PTFE liner employs an exclusive extrusion process that integrates the core wire into the casting process. This results in excellent flexibility, ensuring ultra-thin wall thickness and minimal tolerances. The reduction in device size facilitates catheter design for even the smallest and most complex vasculature systems, providing medical device manufacturers with versatile options for designing next-generation medical devices.

jMedtech is a pioneer in ultra-thin walled medical liner production and one of the first in the world to master both the free extrusion and extrusion over-the-wire liner with mandrel technologies.

Product Introduction

The MatrixLiner® OTW PTFE Liner with Mandrel from jMedCath employs an exclusive extrusion process that incorporates the core wire concept into the casting process. This integration enhances the liner's flexibility, ensuring an ultra-thin wall thickness and minimal tolerances. This innovative approach effectively reduces device size, allowing catheter design to accommodate even the smallest and most tortuous vasculature systems. Consequently, medical device manufacturers gain increased flexibility in designing next-generation medical devices.

Product Advantages
  • Ultra-Thin Wall Thickness
    The MatrixLiner® PTFE liner boasts an ultra-thin wall thickness of up to 0.0005 inches (approximately 12 microns). This thin-wall structure enhances material softness and transparency, reducing the catheter diameter. The ultra-thin design improves lubricity, minimizing damage and irritation to surrounding tissues during medical instrument insertion and withdrawal.

  • Industry-Leading Tolerance
    MatrixLiner® PTFE liners undergo rigorous testing to ensure precision and quality. Stringent inspections and tests control the tolerance of the inner diameter within ±0.0005 inches and the wall thickness within ±0.00025 inches.

  • Production Consistency
    MatrixLiner® production follows a consistent process, including extrusion, cutting, winding, and other steps. Each stage adheres to the strictest standards to guarantee product uniformity and reliability. This ensures a stable and reliable component for the research, development, and production of medical devices.

  • Excellent Tensile Strength
    Demonstrating superior tensile strength compared to liners from other industry players.

  • After-Sales Service
    Impeccable after-sales service guarantees a worry-free purchase.

  • Support for Custom Sizes
    MatrixLiner® PTFE liners can be customized according to customer requirements, ensuring a precise fit for liners and medical device products. This aims to enhance product reliability and operability, leading to improved performance and results.

  • Short Lead Time
    jMedCath excels in procurement, production, sales, and other supply chain functions, significantly reducing the delivery cycle. The lead time for standard products is 2 weeks, while regular customized sizes have a lead time of 4-8 weeks.
Application product type

MatrixLiner® PTFE liners are used in the following product applications

  • Microcatheter
  • Midline catheter
  • Mechanical thrombectomy catheter
  • Guide catheter
  • Support catheter
  • Adjustable catheter
  • Suction catheter
  • Other catheters
Product Parameters
Specifications & Parameters
MatrixLiner® W50
MatrixLiner® W75
MatrixLiner® W100
MatrixLiner® W50Mandrel extrusion
MatrixLiner® W75Mandrel extrusion
MatrixLiner® W100Mandrel extrusion
MatrixLiner® W50PTFE
MatrixLiner® W75PTFE
MatrixLiner® W100PTFE
Inner diameter
MatrixLiner® W500.012-0.0420.305-1.067
MatrixLiner® W750.012-0.0920.305-2.337
MatrixLiner® W1000.012-0.0920.305-2.337
Inner diameter tolerance
MatrixLiner® W500.00050.0127
MatrixLiner® W750.00050.0127
MatrixLiner® W1000.00050.0127
Wall thickness
MatrixLiner® W500.00050.0127
MatrixLiner® W750.000750.01905
MatrixLiner® W1000.0010.0254
Wall thickness tolerance
MatrixLiner® W500.000250.00635
MatrixLiner® W750.000250.00635
MatrixLiner® W1000.000250.00635
Maximum cutting length
MatrixLiner® W5090.6230
MatrixLiner® W7590.6230
MatrixLiner® W10090.6230
Surface treatment
MatrixLiner® W50Etching
MatrixLiner® W75Etching
MatrixLiner® W100Etching
MatrixLiner® W50Autoclave, Ethylene oxide
MatrixLiner® W75Autoclave, Ethylene oxide
MatrixLiner® W100Autoclave, Ethylene oxide
Technical Resources

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