Hydrophilic Coating Equipment
The automated hydrophilic coating equipment from jMedtech is meticulously crafted for the precise application and UV curing of hydrophilic coatings on medical devices.
Product Introduction

jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment is designed and developed according to the characteristics of the coating material and the coating process. The equipment can help optimize the coating process to realize automatic mass production of coated products with excellent efficiency and performance.

Product Advantages
  • It is equipped with the function of five-stage lifting and variable speed pulling, to effectively improve coating quality.
  • The product to be coated is rotated at a uniform speed during UV curing of the coating, with uniform curing energy and good coating consistency.
  • It is equipped with 12 light intensity test points, which is convenient for light intensity monitoring.
  • The operating program is fully functional and easy to operate.
  • It is equipped with color LED touch-screen interface to allow edit and store coating parameters.
Product Parameters
Device model JMT-QSTC
voltage 220/50Hz>26A
equipment power 5000W
Safe current and voltage 220V/32A
ambient temperature, humidity 15~35°C0~80%
Number Of light Troughs 6(3Row X2Column)
Core Controller Core Controller
Fan Flow 1080m³/h
Device Size (Host) 1530*760*2200(mm)
Radiant Energy >35mW/cm²
Coating Position Accuracy ±0.05mm
Speed 0~100mm/s
Product Rotation Speed 1~20 Rpm
Can Store Product Process Parameters 100
Solution Tube Material Medical HDPE
Primary Structure

Customizable Parts
  • Conventional sheath and catheter
  • Guide wire
  • Luer head
  • Coating Solution Chamber: Customized according to diameter and length
  • Automatic straightening of catheters: For products that are not straight, corrective tools can be customized to automatically straighten the catheter.
  • Inflation Capability for Balloon Catheters: Supports the implementation of the inflate function. For some products, such as the balloon catheters, that require inflation before coating, the inflate function can be added to the jMedtech coating equipment
Technical Resources

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Hydrophilic Coating Equipment