jAqua® Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating
The patented jAqua® Hydrophilic lubricious coating absorbs water, minimizing friction resistance on the surfaces of medical devices. This facilitates smoother navigation through blood vessels and prevents substantial abrasion between the device and tissue/blood vessel wall, ensuring optimal device performance.
Product Introduction

The patented jAqua® hydrophilic coating provides excellent lubricity, durability and low particulate release, making it safe for clinical use. It is ideal for application on cardiovascular, neurovascular, urological catheters, stent delivery systems, guide wires and more.

Product Advantages
  • Perfect balance of lubricity and durability: The coating strikes a balance between lubricity and durability through parametric adjustments.
  • Low particulate release: While maintaining lubricity and durability, the coating maintains its advantage of minimal leaching.
  • Flexibility: The coating can withstand being bent or used in torturous paths, without cracking or delaminating.
  • Sterilization methods: Can be sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO) and electron beams.
Friction Test

The Coefficient of Frictions of various substrates are reduced by more than 95% with the application of hydrophilic coatings.

Coefficient of Frictions before and after applying hydrophilic coating on different substrates.

Upon microscopic observation, the surfaces of hydrophilic coated products were found to be even and uniform.

The application of metallic devices

jAqua® Hydrophilic coatings provide lubricity, exceptional durability, a uniform appearance, and excellent flexibility on metallic devices.

Following 25-50 cycles of friction tests, the coefficient of friction is maintained, and the coating's appearance remains intact, showcasing the outstanding durability of the coating.

The application on braided tubes

The unique structure of braided tubes poses a challenge when applying hydrophilic coatings, as the coating may face the issue of detachment. jMedtech offers an effective solution to enhance the surface coating's hardness without compromising the braided tube's performance. This solution achieves a reduction in the coefficient of friction by over 95%. Simultaneously, samples coated with this solution demonstrate optimal microparticle performance, chemical properties, and biocompatibility.

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jAqua® Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating