jAqua® Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating

jAqua® hydrophilic lubricious coating absorbs water, significantly reduces the friction resistance of medical device surfaces, making it easier to traverse blood vessels, and avoiding serious abrasion between device and tissue/blood vessel wall, for optimal performance of the device.

jAqua® Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating

Product Introduction

The patented jAqua® hydrophilic coating provides excellent lubricity, durability and low particulate release, making it safe for clinical use. It is ideal for application on cardiovascular, neurovascular, urological catheters, stent delivery systems, guide wires and more.

Core advantages

jAqua® Hydrophilic Super Slip Coating provides superior lubricity, durability, low particle release, flexibility and biocompatibility for a variety of materials including metal guidewires.

Outstanding Performance

  • Perfect balance of lubricity and durabilityThe coating strikes a balance between lubricity and durability through parametric adjustments.
  • Low particulate releaseWhile maintaining lubricity and durability, the coating maintains its advantage of minimal leaching.


  • FlexibilityThe coating can withstand being bent or used in torturous paths, without cracking or delaminating.
  • Sterilization methodsCan be sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO) and electron beams.


jAqua® hydrophilic coatings are used in the following products

Cardiovascular catheters
Urology catheters
Vascular catheters
Neurovascular catheters
Balloon catheters
Stent delivery system
PU jacket guidewires
PU jacket guidewires

Cardiovascular Interventional Catheters

Peripheral Interventional Catheters

Neurovascular Interventional Catheters

Disposable Endoscopic Catheters

Stent Delivery Systems

Balloon Catheters

Urinary catheters

Hydrophilic Guidewires

Metal Guidewires


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