Reinforced Tube
Our engineers can collaborate with you to design and manufacture high-performance medical reinforced tubings and catheters according to clinical requirements. Our range of reinforced tubing products includes braided tubings, coiled tubings, and steerable tubings.
Braided Tubings

Braided reinforced tubings can enhance the overall strength of catheters. jMedtech provides customized braided reinforced tubing solutions for global medical device manufacturers, precisely capturing key elements of customer requirements and delivering products that meet specific needs, applications, and technical requirements.

  • High Flexibility
  • Excellent Pushability
  • Good Biocompatibility
  • Kink Resistance
  • High Torquability
  • Multiple layers with braid/coil reinforcement
Coiled Tubings

Thin-walled medical catheters can be reinforced with metal or polymer coils to increase resistance to twisting and compression. Coil-reinforced tubings use a helical spring inside the catheter. Our engineers, through careful design of the catheter, can prevent twisting or collapsing while maintaining flexibility. jMedCath's coiled tubings are an ideal choice for enhancing the performance of medical catheters.

According to the specifications required, the material and coil design of the coiled tubing can be optimized for the specific application of the product. Options that can be optimized include:

  • Flat ribbon or round wire coils
  • Variable pitch
  • Wire annealing
  • Multifilament coils
  • Gap distance
  • Winding direction
  • Multi-layer coil
  • Tapered coil
Steerable Tubings

jMedCath's unique manufacturing technology allows us to customize steerable tubings according to your needs while maintaining the stability, pushability, and kink resistance of the catheter.

  • Incorporate turning or bending into catheter design to achieve another level of control over the axis.
  • We can provide maximum configurability, from small-tip deflection to full-range motion.
  • Customize handles for multi-directional devices.
  • Turning and deflection can also be used for introducers.

jMedCath excels in the specialized design, development, and production of Reinforced Tubings. Our collaborative approach ensures that we meet the unique requirements of our clients effectively. We provide a diverse selection of sizes, materials, and braid configurations. Tailored sizes and designs are also available upon request.

For further details about our catheter manufacturing capabilities, or to request a sample or quote, please contact us via email at

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