2024-01-23 Company News
Exhibition Review | jMedtech Successful Conclusion to the MEDICA Journey
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Overview of the Exhibition

On November 16, 2023, the 4-day MEDICA International Medical Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, came to a perfect conclusion. Medical elites from around the world gathered along the banks of the Rhine for on-site exchanges and negotiations.

jMedtech, with its numerous products, took advantage of the professional international platform provided by MEDICA to listen to voices from colleagues worldwide and showcase its own innovative technological achievements to the global audience.

Impressive Presence

As a one-stop medical coating service provider and manufacturer of polymer medical materials, jMedtech attracted widespread attention from customers worldwide during the exhibition. We engaged with both new and existing friends, providing detailed information on jMedtech's latest products and discussing industry development. The exhibition area and negotiation area were bustling with activity, with a continuous stream of visitors.

Among them, medical functional coatings, supporting coating equipment, PTFE lined tubes, and other products received high praise, attracting numerous outstanding partners from Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions. The performance and excellent quality of our products received unanimous recognition from global partners.

Continued Excellence

With the perfect conclusion of the MEDICA exhibition, jMedtech's exciting story continues. jMedtech will not forget its original intention, adhering to the product quality and service philosophy that has been improving day by day for over a decade. With the mission of "empowering customers, manufacturing excellent performance medical devices," we will continue to refine our work and forge ahead.

We look forward to reuniting with you in Düsseldorf next year!