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How can we solve the problems encountered in coating photocuring?
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Due to the combination of functional medical coatings such as hydrophilic coatings and medical device products, it can relieve the physical discomfort of patients during interventional operations and reduce the trauma caused by operations to a certain extent. In recent years, the application of functional medical coatings in medical devices has received widespread attention and recognition. According to the smart device data collection system, 88 medical device products have used hydrophilic coatings, and this data is obviously incomplete statistics, and the number of actual application products is larger; through the data, we found that large medical device manufacturers in the industry are more It tends to use hydrophilic coatings on devices to improve product performance, and the applied products include Class II and Class III medical devices.

There are more and more hydrophilic coating device products on the market. To occupy a place in the market, the quality of its own products needs to be higher enough. However, it is understood that during the curing process of the hydrophilic coating, many medical device manufacturers You will encounter various or different problems, such as:

Problems that may be encountered in coating photocuring:

1. After coating, the thickness of the coating on the surface of the catheter is not uniform;

2. The firmness of the coating does not meet the specified requirements;

3. The coating solution is volatile during the production process, not durable, and has a high waste rate;

4. The curing temperature is too high, and the catheter body is not heat-resistant, resulting in damage to the catheter;

5. The operation of the coating curing process is complicated;

6. The product and the chuck of the curing equipment do not match;

The occurrence of the above problems will hinder the production of hydrophilic coated medical devices, or affect the quality of coated devices. To solve these problems, we need to start from the curing method, production equipment, auxiliary accessories and so on.

For the problems encountered or possible by equipment manufacturers, Gemate engineers have done a lot of rigorous research and testing, summed up and continuously optimized the process design from the hydrophilic coating equipment, and ensured that customers use the correct curing method. , to solve the problem of unreasonable production equipment and auxiliary accessories. Gemtech equipment engineers have a set of high-quality solutions to solve the above problems one by one.


Problem 1: After coating, the thickness of the coating on the surface of the catheter is not uniform

In order to make the coating evenly coated on the surface of the device product, the engineer designed the function of segmented variable speed lifting according to the characteristics of the device product. Equipped with a five-stage adjustable variable speed lifting program, the producer can better control the coating thickness and avoid The problem of uneven coating on individual parts of the product occurs, which effectively improves the quality of the coated product.

The equipment fixture can be rotated 360° to drive the rotation of the equipment product, so that the surface can fully and evenly receive ultraviolet light in all directions and cure.

Problem 2: The firmness of the coating does not meet the specified requirements


The firmness of the coating on the surface of the device product is determined by the curing conditions, such as the illumination performance of the ultraviolet lamp, whether the light intensity at each position in the equipment cavity is uniform, and all meet the process parameter standards.

The UV lamp of Jemate hydrophilic coating equipment adopts the UV curing module imported from the United States (Dymax), which has excellent performance. With the special product tooling, the curing energy is uniform, and the coating has good consistency on the surface of the device product. There are 12 light intensity test points in the equipment cavity, which are all over the corners of the light box, which is convenient for monitoring, ensuring that the light intensity parameters at each position meet the process standards, and making the product stronger.

Problem 3: The coating is volatile during the production process and has a high waste rate


When the hydrophilic coating solution is exposed to the air, it is easy to cause the solvent to volatilize and affect the viscosity of the coating. If the viscosity exceeds the applicable range, it may affect the quality of the coated device product, so it is not recommended to put it into production. Waste of water coating.

In order to solve this problem, first of all, the device manufacturer is required to seal the coating when it is not in use; secondly, when the coating is put into production, the solution pipe area of jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment is designed with a solution cover plate, which can The coating solution is insulated and sealed to prevent volatilization of the solution and control the change of viscosity, so that the service life of the solution is longer. In addition, jMedtech can be equipped with solution tubes of corresponding sizes according to the characteristics of the product, which greatly reduces the use and waste of the solution and improves the utilization rate of the solution.

Problem 4: The curing temperature is too high, and the product tube is not heat-resistant


If some equipment products are not heat-resistant, and the internal temperature of the equipment is too high when the coating is cured, it will directly cause damage to the product. When designing the structure of the ultraviolet light box of the Jemate hydrophilic coating equipment, an independent heat dissipation is set for each light box The fans are uniformly exhausted through the large exhaust fan on the top to control the internal temperature of the device and improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

In addition, compared with other manufacturers' equipment, jMedtech's hydrophilic coating equipment has more light intensity test points, equipped with 12 light intensity test points, all over the corners of the light box, and the internal temperature of the cavity can be adjusted according to the production According to the requirements, flexibly select 3~5 points on the operation interface to measure the temperature and take the average value, so as to detect whether the internal temperature of the cavity meets the production standard, and can also set the temperature alarm.

Problem 5: The operation of the coating curing process is complicated

Most other coating equipment on the market are controlled by Windows system, which is easy to get stuck after long-term use, and the interface is complicated and the program steps are many, which makes the operator feel jerky and difficult to understand. The jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment adopts a PLC control system, equipped with a visual large-size (15-inch) touch-screen man-machine interface, which is simple and quick to operate, with fewer buttons. It communicates with a programmable controller to realize the control of equipment functions and can be used for a long time. Good fluency, high operability, and strong visualization.

The program has complete functions and uses an easy-to-understand programming language. It can store 100 production formulas. It only needs to confirm 3~5 parameters to complete the formula setting for a product. It is very easy to operate and get started.


Question 6: Product and Suitability Issues

If the product and the chuck of the equipment do not match, it may affect the production quality and efficiency. Therefore, jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment considers the operation and use of customers in all aspects, and equips customers with different products with suitable fixtures to make production operations more convenient.

When producing hydrophilic coating devices of different lengths, the requirements for UV lamps are also different. Gemet hydrophilic coating equipment can control each light box individually, and adjust the state of product length adaptation to ensure that In the case of coating curing quality, the service life of the ultraviolet lamp is extended. In addition, the bulb can be used for a long time, which is convenient for the maintenance and replacement of the lamp tube in the later stage.


jMedtech equipment engineers always start from the perspective of customer production and years of research experience in the field of coating photocuring, continuously optimize and reform hydrophilic coating equipment on the original basis, update functions and accessories, and provide medical equipment manufacturers Continuous innovation to be able to more efficiently produce high-quality hydrophilic coated products.

The current jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment is ingeniously designed in terms of functions, programs and hardware, complete functions and convenient operation, equipped with advanced Equipment components, support customization of some accessories to meet the production needs of various products. jMedtech Coating adheres to the guidance of first-line production, conducts research and innovation in a targeted manner, and creates first-class coating equipment in the industry.

After a large number of production and R & D work feedback on the equipment functions of jMedtech, it has developed functions such as segmental variable speed lifting, double-action braking configuration, independent heat dissipation module, and anti-solution evaporation. For more information, please contact jMedtech Coating.

jMedtech Coating is the first company in China to independently develop and produce medical hydrophilic super-slippery coatings. It was founded in 2013 by a specially appointed Ph.D. of the National Major Talent Program. The company aims to provide one-stop coating service solutions for global medical device manufacturers, including R&D and production of coating products, construction of coating equipment and testing equipment, product registration services, process technology training, Coating OEM production services, after-sales technical services, etc.

Since 2013, we have been professional, dedicated, and dedicated to do a good job in coating research and development and services. At present, more than 50 million cardiovascular catheters have been coated with Gemtech. jMedtech coating products are widely used in clinical medicine at home and abroad.

Attention to details, attention to customer feedback, and attentive service have earned us a good reputation in the industry.

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