2022-11-29 Company News
Exhibition review | jMedtech Coating exhibits at IHMD with new technology products
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From November 3rd to 4th, 2022, the 3rd International High-end Medical Device Forum (IHMD) was officially launched in Shanghai, allowing us to see new products, new technologies and the development trend of the industry in the field of medical devices. As the exhibition came to an end, jMedtech Coating's trip to the exhibition also came to a successful conclusion.


This IHMD forum focuses on the new trends and new characteristics of the plant intervention industry, deeply discusses the future development direction and prospects of the industry, and fully demonstrates the most cutting-edge technological achievements and products.


In just two days of the exhibition, jMedtech initially established contact with many exhibitors and exhibitors. jMedtech Coating sincerely discussed and shared coating solutions for different equipment products with customers, and gained a lot of recognition and praise. Praise, and because of this, I have made many partners in medical equipment.


In the future, jMedtech Coating will continue to deepen the medical coating field, develop new technologies, develop new products, and give back the trust and choice of our customers with more and better coating products.

In the past ten years of focusing on medical coatings, we have never stopped starting, and every step of precipitation and leap is only to bring more valuable products. The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. I hope that we will live up to our encounters. When we meet again, it must be a better us.