2021-12-09 Company News
jMedtech Coating participated in the "4th Medical Endoscopy Conference and Endoscopy Industry Annual Conference"
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On December 9, 2021, the "2021 4th China Endoscopy Conference and Endoscopy Industry Annual Conference" hosted by the Endoscopy Industry Alliance was successfully held at the Sheraton Wuxi R&F Hotel. Hydrophilic coating, anti-coagulation coating, coating equipment and testing equipment and other product content to participate This exhibition.

At this exhibition, the organizer invited many industry experts to explain in detail the development status of the endoscopy industry, the latest scientific research results of medical devices, the current problems and the direction of future development.

There are also many related medical device exhibitors and practitioners who communicate with each other, discuss products and services, and negotiate business cooperation.

Experts share:





During the meeting, there was an endless stream of consultants at the GMT coating booth. The professional team of the company explained in detail to the visiting customers, proposed solutions according to the different products described by customers, and introduced the clinical application of coatings and equipment developed and produced by GMT. And product advantages, our products have been widely concerned and recognized by visiting new and old customers.

Booth consultation:




JMT Coating provides one-stop coating service, including coating research and development and production, coating Layer equipment and testing equipment construction, product registration services, process technology training, coating OEM production services, after-sales technical services, etc.

We are committed to providing customers with coating solutions that are more in line with product characteristics, and thank new and old customers for their trust and support in Gemet coating, We will continue to study in the field of medical coatings, and always provide good coating products and services for medical device companies.