One-stop Technical Service

Technical Service

We provide coating research and development, customized construction of equipment and testing equipment, product registration, process technology training, coating OEM production and after-sales technical services to meet customers' one-stop needs for medical device coatings.

Coating R&D and Production

01.Coating R&D and Production

After understanding the specific needs of customers, the engineers and scientific research team quickly customize the coating scheme according to the independent database, and provide customers with coating details and guidance documents.

Coating Equipment and Testing Equipment Construction

02.Coating Equipment and Testing Equipment Construction

According to the customer's product requirements, the coating equipment is customized and built, with easy operation and precise procedures.

Product Registration Service

03.Product Registration Service

Assist customers to complete subsequent product registration at home and abroad, provide corresponding system certificates, product biocompatibility test reports and other documents, and answer questions that arise during the customer registration process.

Technology Training

04.Technology Training

After the equipment is in place, provide material description documents to customers, and arrange a professional team to provide on-site training and technical support services.

Coating OEM Production Service

05.Coating OEM Production Service

Provide customers with professional coating OEM services for various medical device products.

After-sales Technical Service

06.After-sales Technical Service

Maintain a close cooperative relationship with customers for a long time and provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure the smooth progress of customer production.

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