Automated High-Production Coating System

jMedtech Automated High-Production Coating System is integrated with inflatable module, airtight test module, dip coating module, curing module, etc. It is possible to select modules to build the coating system according to production requirements. The independent modular design makes it convenient for customers to select the required modules for assembly according to the products manufactured, and also facilitates equipment maintenance and repair at a later stage.

Automated High-Production Coating System

Key Features

  • Hourly output of up to several thousand pieces
  • The solution tube and the tooling frame can work in both directions to facilitate highly efficient coating
  • Dymax UV lamp, each UV light intensity can be individually monitored
  • Four screen display, whereby all can be operated independently
  • Multiple safety protection features to prevent injuries
  • Fully automatic equipment, only one operator is required. Greatly improving productivity and saving labor costs.

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