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Hemocompatible Coating

When medical device contacts blood, blood will respond aggressively because most device surfaces are thrombogenic. This will result in clotting that impairs device performance and can harm a patient. Hemocompatible coating is an option to improve the blood compatibility of medical devices.

jMedtech’s hemocompatible coating is an anti-thrombogenic coating formulated on the lubricious coating platform. The coating exploits control-release of anti-thrombogenic agents which inhibits thrombus formation. This will drastically reduce the adhesion of blood components.

Our hemocompatible coatings are customizable to your specific application and durability requirements. To learn more about how you can improve the blood compatibility of your medical devices, please contact us.

Hemocompatible Coating

Features and Properties

  • Hemocompatibility–Reduce thrombosis formation by minimizing adhesion of protein and platelets.

  • Durability-Coating maintains its integrity and function after several rounds of insertion.

  • Coating thickness-Thickness of coating can be tailored according to customer’s request.

  • Biocompatibility - Coating is demonstrated to be biocompatible.

  • Lubricity –Hemocompatible coating is compatible with lubricious coating, which produces low-friction surface that reduces tissue damage and biofilm formation.

  • Sterilization - Medical devices treated with lubricious coating can be sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO), Gamma Irradiation and E-beam.


  • Central venous catheters

  • PICC

  • Introducer sheaths

  • Haemodialysis catheters